Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eli Manning Off-season Update

       World-class athlete Eli Manning was spotted recently in the thick of his rigorous off-season conditioning program.  Obviously taken right after some sort of abdominal exercise, this photo gives Giants fans the answer to their one burning question: Is Eli ready for the upcoming season?  Well, it appears so, as he is clearly in top physical condition, though caught off-guard with his stylish Versace red bucket.  But I'm not hatin' on Eli's lack of muscle-tone or the happy trail on his suddenly-voluptuous stomach.  He's doing exactly what a two-time Super Bowl champion is supposed to be doing: kicking back, and saying "f*** you" to the paparazzi.  Still nobody knows how Eli got those two Super Bowl rings and why his older brother has only has one, but Eli doesn't care.  After all, he's a quarterback.  Why does he need to run a 4.4 40 or bench 350 pounds? He doesn't, and that's the point.  As long as Eli can hop back 3 yards, and sling the football a mile, he could care less.  He's not out of shape, he's actually in the exact shape a Hall-of-fame quarterback should be, and for that, Eli, we salute you.  Keep having fun at the beach, and don't let anyone tell you to eat a salad again.
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